11 “Dad Hacks” That Will Make Your Life Easier

In honour of Father’s Day this weekend, I have found 11 of the best “Dad Hacks” that will make your life with kids easier!


1.  Getting Shoes Right.  This dad hack has you put 2 sides of a sticker into the right and left shoe so your child can easily tell which shoe goes on which foot!  Genius!       


2. Summer Treats. Use a coffee cup lid to make sure that those great summer treats don’t melt all over little hands and clothes!


3. Fitted Sheet. Put a fitted sheet over a playpen to keep bugs away from your little on AND for an instant sunshade.


4. Doll Hair Detangle.  What dad hasn’t had their daughter come up asking them to fix their doll’s hair? Soak the hair in water with dish soap and hair conditioner, comb, and let dry.  The hair will be like new and you will be a hero.


5. Hide Candy.  Don’t want to share?  Hide your candy in a frozen veggie bag in the freezer.  You can also use a rice box in the pantry!


6. Find Everything.  Have a few items that have been misplaced?  Make a scavenger hunt for the kids and they will have fun while finding your stuff!


7. Homemade Hammock. Make a super easy, super fun hammock inside by tying a large sheet around your table.


8. Fort Fun.  Sheet for your little one’s fort keep sagging down?  Put an electric fan in to keep it inflated!


9. Quality Time with Controllers. Give the kids controllers with no batteries (or that aren’t hooked up) for some quality gaming time together!


10.  Kid in a Box.  Keep your walls and furniture clean by unleashing your child’s creativity in an empty box.


11.  Paint With Water.  Kids love to help paint.  Let them without having to worry about a mess by giving them a paintbrush and bucket of water.  This works with a roller too!