5 Great Products to Survive Winter!

Rather than suffer through the coldest season, why not enjoy it? These simple yet genius buys will keep you warmer, safer, and more prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.  The winter months are tough for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the cold. Short days and bitter temperatures don’t exactly make for paradise. But if you’re going to be stuck inside—or worse, outside shoveling—you should have the right supplies on hand to make these days bearable—maybe even enjoyable. From conquering the snow and ice to staying warm and cozy, here are a few things to help you survive winter.

1.  Snow-Melt Mats. Whether it’s freezing rain or snow, when inclement whether turns icy, it’s important to clear walkways, exterior steps, and porches as soon as possible to prevent slips and falls by you, your mail carrier, or guests.  If shoveling hurts your back, and ice melt is damaging your walkway, here is an alternative solution – snow-melt mats.  Lay the material over tricky steps or walkways and plug in to keep your path safe and clear.

2. Emergency Tire Traction.  Every driver should know how to get their car unstuck from the snow.  The first thing to do is dig as much slush and snow out from under your tires, then get back in the car, turn your wheel slightly, and slowly accelerate.  If there’s nothing for your tires to gain traction against, though, you’re fighting a losing battle. To give yourself the traction you need to get moving, you can try sand, an interior car mat, or a read-made solution designed specifically for this purpose.

3. Window Insulator Kit.  Finding yourself shivering by your window?  The good news is that there are plenty of easy and affordable methods of managing window drafts.  The cheaper options are not long-term solutions and may not be appropriate for every room but if you need a quick fix in a part of your home where looks don’t really matter, these kits are perfect. Included most kits are window-insulating film sheets (usually sized to fit standard 3’x5′ windows) and the double-sided Scotch tape you’ll need to secure each sheet in place.

4. Boot, Shoe, & Glove Dryer. Who likes walking around in wet boots? Whether you work outside, play outside, or simply hate wet winter gear, a boot dryer eliminates moisture in your shoes, boots, gloves, and hats within a few hours to keep your clothing comfortably dry and free of mold, bacteria, and odors!

5. Portable Heater.  Don’t let the cold discourage you from completing DIY projects out in your workshop! There are great portable options for in the garage/workshop and some more aesthetically pleasing ones for inside your home (complete with faux fire/ember features!).