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  • Investment Properties – What to Expect

    Investment properties are properties in which the owner plans to make a return on investment through either rental, resale, or both. With the right planning and management, they can be a nice little earner. There are some things to watch out for, however.  Here are......

  • 8 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look New

    Hardly anyone’s home looks magazine-worthy all the time, but if you’ve noticed that your home is looking a little dingy or rough around the edges, it may be time to spruce things up. There’s no need for a major renovation, though. There are plenty of......

  • 5 Great Products to Survive Winter!

    Rather than suffer through the coldest season, why not enjoy it? These simple yet genius buys will keep you warmer, safer, and more prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.  The winter months are tough for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the cold. Short days......