RV Winter Storage Tips

Here are some great tips for winterizing your RV in the upcoming weeks!

1.  Use Irish Spring to Keep Mice at Bay

This common bar soap is a cost-effective repellent to mice, who can’t stand the strong smell. Cut up the bars and place them throughout your trailer. Especially target storage spaces or spots with lots of wiring.

Another common household item that works is a scented dryer sheet.

2.  Inflate Your Tires A Little Extra Before Storage

Not too much, though! Inflate your tires slightly above the operational pressure, perhaps 15% above. But don’t inflate to, or past, the pressure limits. Your goal is to compensate for air pressure loss during cold weather, not to damage your tires.

3.  Cut Up Dog Flea Collars to Ward Off Wasps

Other pesky insect invaders include wasps and mud daubers. These insects are attracted to the scent of the additive in propane. To help prevent them from making your RV their winter home, cut up dog flea collars and place them around propane lines.

While your propane should already be shut off as part of the winterizing process, this is extra defense against the winged invaders.

4.  Clean with Pine-Sol to Shoo Flies Away

Perhaps most annoying are houseflies. Fortunately, these buggers can’t abide the scent of Pine-Sol. To repel flies, create a 50/50 solution of Pine-Sol and water and use it to wipe down surfaces in your RV. It’s a great cleaner and repellent combined into one!

5.  Leave Solar Power on to Maintain Your Battery

That is, if your RV has solar power. Even a small 15V panel should do the trick if your RV isn’t covered. The light current going to your battery will keep it from freezing.

If you don’t have a solar panel or will be covering your RV, it’s best to remove your battery during winter storage.

6.  Stop Ants in Their Tracks with Gorilla Tape

Ants love to climb up your auxiliary power cord and all over your cables. Put an end to the issue by carefully wrapping Gorilla Tape around primary cables with the sticky side facing out. You’ll be amazed at how many ants will be caught! This is also very helpful when RVing during the summer months.

With these simple hacks, you can store your RV for the winter without extra worry. Be sure to always follow your manufacturer’s directions for winterizing your RV and ask a professional for help if need be.